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Combine City Planting

On a fine sunny day in 2002, Orville Ladehoff, planted the first combine, in the SW corner of his field next to the Claude highway 1151 and Whitaker Road, with its header facing SW. It had worked many hours, and it had provided reusable parts for repairs. What could be done with the rest of it? His wife, Grace, said, "Just bury it." So he did.

13 other retired combines joined this lone combine over the years, making a collection of 14. How many bushels of grain have these machines harvested for the elevators of the Texas Panhandle?

If they could talk, there would be many stories of their drivers and the hours spent harvesting together - blood, sweat, and tears over many years of faithful service.

These 14 could tell stories of battling the elements; they could tell of the last cut through the field before being shut down for the season; they could tell of defeat by hail, wind, and rain; they could tell of great victories of the bountiful harvest; they could tell how they gave shade for the meals eaten quickly in the field.

They worked hard. They gave their best. They are not buried.
They are planted.

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